Resource Access (Circulation)

In FOLIO, resource access includes essential circulation functions. These functions include:

  • Checking out and discharging library materials
  • Checking in materials
  • Managing hold requests
  • Managing course reserves
  • Managing circulation logs

Circulation Settings

The circulation of library materials is governed by a set of rules and policies. These rules and policies are defined by the library and implemented in the Circulation and the Courses areas of the FOLIO Settings app.


Kiwi includes the INN-Reach app, which supports resource sharing for institutions that use INN-Reach by Innovative Interfaces.

While the app is available in Kiwi, it is not yet fully supported. The app will be removed from the FOLIO standard install in Lotus. The project plans to restore the app once the integration is certified by Innovative.

Last modified April 13, 2022